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Special on Commission n°3

For our colleagues outside Italy who watch us with attention and amazement, we are here to translate for you what is happening in Italy. For further information, contact us.


This is our Special Commission No. 3 – Towards the reform of the governance of the Italian Drug Agency and the Single Commission: where do we stand?

Together with NOMOS Center for Parliamentary Studies we produced an in-depth analysis of the Ministerial Decree draft of the new AIFA Regulations.

The draft DM, circulated in a scientific journal, answered some of the outstanding questions from the previous Special Commission.

However, uncertainty remains regarding operability and the timeline: as seen by the further extension of the AIFA Commissions, which became effective with the publication of the Official Gazette of the L.D. May 10, 2023, according to which the members of the CTS and CPR will remain in office until October 1, 2023.

Hope the document will offer information and help guide you even in the absence of planning and ideas related to the new governance.

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